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Water Benefits and Its Importance in our Daily Life

Almost three quarters or 70% of the body is made up water. It is the most important component of the body. It plays a vital role in the composition of the body. Water benefits enhance muscles, blood and brain matter are made up of the main water. It maintains the body’s PH value and keeps our digestive, nervous, respiratory, and excretory and circulatory system and helps them in functioning effectively. It is also extremely essential in the management of skin and the hindrance of skin conditions like acne and pimples.Water provides a means to transport material for nutrients and waste inside the body and acts as a chemical solvent.

An adequate intake of water is mandatory. It is believed that six to eight glasses of 8-ounce glasses of water should be drunk every day, however, the amount of water that a person might need varies from one person to the other. Some people might need that specific amount of water; others might stay hydrated with more or even less. It can be determined through the appearance of a person’s urine if he is hydrated enough or not. If the color of the urine is yellowish it means your water intake is low and the absorption of your amino acids is not taking place. They are also excreting the body. Water is needed in the body to absorb nutrients and useful products while letting go of the waste.

Dehydration and problems caused by lack of water intake

Although our body loses water every day through sweating, breathing, digestion, and excretion, major or severe water loss need immediate medical help. Mild to moderate dehydration can, however, be reversed by the intake of sufficient amount of fluids. Dehydration occurs when more fluids leave your body than you have taken in and the body is left with deficient water or fluids to carry out the body’s functions properly.

The most common cause for dehydration is severe diarrhea and vomiting, in older people, however, dehydration becomes common since the brain cells get weaker and don’t sense the need of water hence sends no signal for thirst. It may be that old people wouldn’t know that they need water until they get dehydrated. Dehydration can also occur in people who exercise vigorously and drink inadequate amounts of water. Dehydration causes fatigue, dizziness, lethargy, dark-colored urine, and extreme thirst. It also causes headaches and muscle pain.

Many complications in the routine bodily functions might occur due to dehydration or lack of water intake.

Water Benefits for Circulatory Problems:

If insufficient water is provided to the body, the blood will get thicker and hence the flow of blood will get low. Low blood pressure is called hypotension. This will cause dizziness or lightheadedness, nausea, fatigue, and blurred vision. Lack of water causes the cells to become flaccid and will compensate for this water loss by producing cholesterol which is sometimes bad for your health.

Water Benefits for Obesity:

Water itself does not play a key role to help lose weight. However, the presence of water, in the body helps get rid of toxins and waste products through excretory methods like perspiration and urination. It also helps maintain the digestive system. Hence, depriving our body of water is depriving it of being detoxified and healthy.

Water Benefits for Fatigue:

Low intake of water reduces the enzymatic or catalytic activity in the body which reduces the level of energy. This causes lethargy and tiredness.

Skin problems:

Our skin needs an ample amount of water to fight away the free radicals which may cause premature aging or even skin cancer. Water is necessary for keeping the skin cleansed since our body needs to perspire around 20 to 24 ounces a day to get rid of harmful toxins. If these toxins stay in our body serious skin conditions like eczema may be a result.


A body with less water may cause serious skin conditions like gastritis and stomach ulcers since it doesn’t produce enough digestive juices for the digestion to be effective. Lack of water might also cause constipation due to the fact that our body needs an adequate amount of fluid in order to eliminate the solid waste product from the body.

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Water Benefits for Kidney Problems:

Dehydration can cause a drop in the blood pressure and hence blood is not transferred to vital organs like kidneys. This may result in kidney failure. However, it is reversible if this is due to dehydration. Low consumption of water might also cause urinary tract infection.

Electrolyte Abnormalities:

Due to dehydration, essential components are lost from the body like potassium, sodium, and chloride which might cause abnormalities in the number of electrolytes and hence cause weakness. Low water profile in the body might also cause the PH level to become more acidic and since the normal PH value of the human body is neutral or 7.2, many functions like the enzyme activity will halt.

Water Benefits – Staying hydrated

PH Levels:

Waters maintains the PH value of the body and keeps to neutral. An acidic change in the PH value can cause many essential bodily functions to go unperformed. Acidic reflux might cause gastric issues or the body might become incapable of utilizing its vitamins and minerals.

Body Temperature:

The hypothalamus in the brain signals our body and regulates its temperature. The brain needs an adequate amount of water benefits to perform efficiently. Besides, the sufficient amount of water present in the body helps the body to sweat and leave a cooling effect which keeps the temperature optimum.

Prevent Osteoporosis:

Having enough amount of water provides a lubricant for our bones and prevents them from the cracking sound that is made each time a joint is moved. It also prevents backaches and arthritis. It stabilizes the transfer of minerals to and from the bones and provides and freedom from a long chain of bone-related diseases.

Helps Cleanse:

Water gets rid of toxins from the body. When we sweat excess urea and other harmful toxins are released from the body. This helps in the prevention of acne and pimples to erupt on the skin. It also reduces the chances of wrinkles or early aging since the cells on the surface of the skin have enough amount of water to keep the skin fresh and the blood flow to be maintained.

Prevent Kidney Stones:

Waters prevents kidney stones since it is known as a universal solvent. Minerals can easily dissolve in water hence it gets rid of the rock like structures which might embed in our kidneys and cause severe pain.

Prevent Hypotension:

Water provides a reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases since it maintains the viscosity of blood and fibrinogen distribution. Water is a main component of the blood. It helps maintain the blood plasma as well.

Mood booster:

Besides improving the physical performance of the body water helps boost your mood.  It helps decrease confusion and fatigue. A study showed that people who drank about 2.5 liters of water every day had better moods and less bewilderment. Having plenty of water helps you stay active and removes sleepiness and laziness. Being active helps you achieve your tasks for the day and brings a positive change in your mood. It helps you stay calm and collected.