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CINNAMON- Nutritious Spice

Grown from a tree, whose bark is known for producing essential oils, cinnamon is one of the oldest and most nutrition-rich spices. It inherits its aromatic fragrance from the benefiting essential oils present in its tree- Cinnamomum. Cinnamon is widely recognized for its taste enhancing abilities and a quite likable odor. This spice is used in a diverse range of cooking, from savory to desserts and even hot beverages, like tea and coffee. However, there is a long history and interesting antiquity attached to this spice, for which it is known.

It was first imported to Egypt in 2000 BC. In ancient Egypt, mummies were anointed with cinnamon for the purpose of preservation. Kyphi was used to produce aroma while burning, in ancient Egypt, cinnamon was used for this purpose. Many rulers were presented with cinnamon as a gift too. It also reached the Arabian Peninsula and, became famous in the Philippines in the 1500s.

Given how important cinnamon has been throughout history, it is, therefore, vital to see the other factors besides its unique odor and preservation qualities. Cinnamon plays a very active role in the field of medicine. Its therapeutic qualities are what gives us all the more reasons to make it a part of our daily diet. Its consumption lowers the risk of a large number of serious ailments like diabetes, cancer, digestive issues, and even respiratory problems. We must look at these in detail and find out how cinnamon does what it does.

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    1. DIABETES: Cinnamon’s best quality probably is the fact that it counterbalances the intake of sugar in our body and lowers the risk of diabetes. It manages the blood glucose level and studies have shown that it was more effective than a placebo when given to people with type 2 diabetes. A study showed that consumption of six grams of glucose in a patient with type 2 diabetes would improve the blood sugar and lipid profile and help reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. However, more research is needed to back this judgment. Cinnamon powder and honey blend perfectly to improve heart health, you can replace your regular jam with this thick mixture and it will surely work towards the betterment of your cardiovascular system. Cinnamon also helps with the reduction of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides while increasing the level of HDL or good cholesterol in the body.
    2. ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE: Cinnamon is found to contain to compounds which lower the risk of neurodegenerative diseases. These diseases halt the effective function of brain cells. They include Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. In a study that was carried out on lab mice, cinnamon normalized the neurotransmitter and improved cerebral behavior of the brain. Cinnamon reduces amyloid plaques which mark the disease and lowers the chances of such symptoms to occur.
    3. MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS: Sclerosis is a chronic disease which affects the spinal cord and nerve cells in the brain. Numbness, impairment of speech and coordination in the body are common symptoms. Cinnamon is studied and tested to have acted against this chronic disease. Lab mice were tested by providing them with water and cinnamon and the results showed that cinnamon has anti-inflammatory characteristics which help the improvement in the central nervous system (CNS). People with multiple sclerosis tend to have a lesser number of T white blood cells which are essential for effective immunity of the body than those, without the condition. Consumption of cinnamon helps increase the number of these cells and also prevent the loss of certain proteins which are vital to T cells or Tregs. Studies have also shown that cinnamon brought myelin levels in mice with multiple sclerosis back to normal.

  1. ACHES AND WOUNDS: Studies have shown that scientists believe cinnamon has anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties hence it can be used to get rid of biofilms, promoting healing side by side. Cinnamon can be used a treatment for infected wounds. It also helps relieve pain since it is believed to react with prostaglandin which helps in the contraction and relaxation of body muscles.
  2. INFLAMMATION: The main quality that helps cinnamon fight diseases and offers treatment is its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant property which helps lower the risk of heart diseases, cancer or decline in brain function. Its variety of flavonoid compounds helps decrease the intensity of inflammations in the body. And since it prevents swelling and inflammation it is helpful in relieving pain too.


Besides working and providing benefits from within the body, cinnamon helps improve outer beauty too.

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Cinnamon is the best remedy for acne, scars, and pimples! It gets rid of blemishes and spots by drying the skin and providing a way to the blood to circulate on the outer surface of the skin so that the skin stays nourished and fresh. Combined with almond oil or olive oil, cinnamon helps restore the glow on the skin and makes it soft and likable. It rids your skin off of the dead skin cells and brings back the natural radiance. Its anti-fungal properties help enhance the complexion, making it less dull and more appreciable. Since it brings blood closer to the surface of the skin, it causes a minor plumping and reduces unwanted lines and wrinkles on the face which make you look older than you really are! Besides all these qualities, cinnamon is an amazing scalp exfoliator and the best natural hair growth remedy.


The best part about this spice is, as much as it enlivens the appearance and taste of our meals, it provides us with a multitude of other benefits as well. Plus, there are little to no side effects and only if cinnamon is taken in excessively and exceptionally large amounts.