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CARROT – The Vitamin King

Carrots are famous for their vibrant color and nature as well as them being the life of a delicious plate of salad. However, there is a HUGE book one can write about the benefits it provides to us. Carrots have also been an important part of vegetarian diets, and can be consumed either as a shake, juice, in food or straight up eaten raw. Either raw or cooked, who doesn’t love munching on the fresh and sweet carrots! This crunchy power food is low in calories and contains no fat due to which nutritionists highly recommend carrots to the obese or fat, as they can act as a great meal for when hunger strikes. However, it can provide you with high doses of vitamin A and other antioxidants, which does not always turn out to be good. Therefore, here are the benefits of eating a carrot, for health, skin, and hair.


Health Benefits of Carrot:

  • IMPROVES EYESIGHT: Beta-carotene is found abundantly in carrots and is great for the eyes. When our elders say that carrots are good for eyes, they are certainly not kidding. Beta-carotene is converted into Vitamin-A in the livers later when the carrot is consumed, this vitamin is converted in the retina to rhodopsin, a purple pigment necessary for night vision, while beta-carotene improves the night vision plus helps in treating night blindness. It also provides safety to the eye from problems, for example, glaucoma, senile cataracts, and macular degeneration. (It has been proven through studies that beta-carotene improves or reduces macular degeneration by approximately 40%).
  • BOOSTS IMMUNE SYSTEM: Carrots contain an excessive amount of Vitamin-C which is an anti-oxidant and clears the immune system while helps it to work efficiently. Vitamin-C not only prevents diseases but also from severe cold and length of the time it ends. A delicious glass of carrot juice helps you to go through the cold and flu season. It acts as a blanket towards this aspect.
  • REDUCES RISK OF CANCER AND STROKE: Carrot has anti-carcinogenic properties which help prevent the growth of cancer cells in the colon and the lower digestive tract. Due to its richness in poly-acetylene antioxidant, falcarinol, carrots are able to destroy pre-cancerous tumors and reduce the risk of breast, lungs and colon cancer. Carrots might be the safest and most natural treatment for the reduction of the risk of cancer. Besides being a herbal cancer treatment carrots also serve in preventing heart diseases and help manage the circulatory system of the body



Benefits to the Skin:

  • HEAL: Carrots are rich in beta-carotene, which helps heal wounds faster and prevents inflammation on the skin. Since centuries carrots have been used as a poultice to recover wounds and cuts on the skin. Carrots get rid of skin infections. Hence kill bacteria that might cause the skin to break out and become sensitive or even prevent the eruption of acne on the skin.
  • GLOW: Carrots are rich in vitamin C and help keep the skin vibrant and glowing. The beta-carotene present in carrots converts into vitamin A. Once it enters the body and helps keep the skin healthy and fresh. Beta-carotene works best if carrots are used in the form of meal and help repair the skin by keeping it hydrated and radiant. You can make yourself a nice carrot soup and enjoy the best of both worlds!
  • CLEANSE: Carrots are rich in fiber and help cleans the stomach and maintain an effective metabolic system. Since the stomach is clean and free from bugs, your face tends to stay clean and fresh too. The anti-oxidant, beta carotene helps keep the skin clean and germ-free. Carrots also contain numerous nutrients and essential oil and have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial qualities which work together for the betterment of your skin.

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Carrot Side Effects:

Carrots provide us with a number of advantages and it is amusing how one can benefit in countless ways from a single vegetable. However, it is better to be on the safer side, beforehand. There might be some people who may be allergic to carrots, or for whom carrots just don’t seem to work right. Here are a few side effects of the consumption of carrots one must be aware of;

  • UNSAFE FOR INFANTS: The metabolism of infants is weak and since carrots are rich in fiber, babies might fall sick. Research shows that if infants must be given carrots, it should be in smaller portions.
  • ABSORPTION OF NUTRIENTS: The excessiveness of anything is harmful. Consuming a high quantity of carrots may result in a disturbance in the absorption of other nutrients. Since the fiber present in carrots intervenes with magnesium, zinc and iron absorption in the body.
  • ALLERGIC REACTIONS: Due to the allergens present in the pollens in carrots, it sometimes triggers allergic reactions. The allergen in carrots is similar to that of strawberry, mustard, and potato. Whoever is allergic to these must be cautious while eating carrots or consult a specialist first. Some common symptoms of allergic reactions in people sensitive to carrots are hive, swelling, rashes or diarrhea.

Carrots are an amusing species of vegetation. They provide us with a multitude of benefits, however, risks are attached to everything no matter how beneficial it is. One must always be careful and have the knowledge of both the good and bad aspects of anything.

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Keep eating healthy!

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