07 Amazing Banana Benefits for Health

Bananas are thought to be originated from Malaya around 4,000 years ago.. From there, they unfold throughout the Philippines and Republic of India, somewhere in the 327 B.C. Alexander the Great’s army recorded them being grown. Banana benefits for health. Bananas were introduced to Africa by Arabian traders and

discovered there in 1482 A.D. by Portuguese explorers United Nations agency took them to ground, the place wherever the bulk of bananas are currently made. Bananas weren’t available in the United States in markets till later in the nineteenth century and were at first solely enjoyed by individuals within the shore cities wherever the banana schooners docked; as a result of the fruit’s fragility, they were unable to be transported so much. Since the event of refrigeration and speedy transport within the twentieth century, bananas became wide offered. Today, bananas grow in most tropical and semi-tropic regions with the most industrial producers as well as Costa Rica, Mexico, South American countries and Brazil.

Moving ahead from the vast history of bananas, it is also quite important to note the nutritional value this fruit holds. Bananas are rich in a soluble fiber; pectin. It also is a well spring of potassium, magnesium and various vitamins, namely vitamin C and B6. Bananas contain about 110 calories.

Bananas do wonders in maintaining your health and keeping you active. Below are the said health benefits one can acquire simply by consuming the deliciously sweet fruit.

1- For the Digestive System:

Rich in cellulose fiber called pectin bananas helps in effective digestion and gently chelate toxins and significant metals from the body which may cause harm. Bananas work as a natural prebiotic, stimulating the expansion of friendly microorganism within the gut. They conjointly turn out organic process enzymes to help in the absorption of essential nutrients.

 High fiber in bananas will facilitate normalize gut motility and treat constipation.
Bananas are soothing to the gastrointestinal tract and facilitate restore lost electrolytes when symptom thus helps in treating diarrhea.  Bananas are a natural antacid, providing relief from acid reflux, heartburn, and GERD. Bananas, when consumed protect against stomach ulcers by lining with the stomach walls and protecting against corrosive stomach acids.

2- For the Cardio Vascular System:

Potassium is a mineral that’s essential for heart health, particularly pressure management. Yet despite its importance and unlimited benefits, people do not obtain or add enough potassium in their diet. Bananas prove to be a good dietary supply of K. One medium-sized banana (118 grams) contains nine to eleven of the RDI. A potassium-rich diet will facilitate lower pressure, and people who have a considerate amount of potassium in their diet are safe from ailments and have up to a twenty seventh lower risk of cardiovascular disease. Furthermore, bananas contain a good quantity of metallic element, magnesium and such compounds which are additionally necessary for heart health.

3- As an Antioxidant:

All sorts of fruits and vegetables are wonderful sources of dietary antioxidants, and bananas are not any exclusion.
They contain many forms of potent antioxidants, as well as dopamine, which in cigarettes, give your mood a positive boost, however causes addiction. These antioxidants are coupled to several health advantages, like a reduced risk of cardiopathy and chronic diseases. However, it’s a standard misunderstanding that the dopamine from bananas acts as a feel-good chemical within the brain. In reality, dopamine from bananas doesn’t cross the barrier between the blood and the brain. It merely acts as a robust inhibitor rather than monitoring or managing hormones or mood.

4- For the Excretory System:

Potassium is crucial for pressure management and healthy kidney performance. As a decent dietary supply of potassium, bananas could also be particularly useful for maintaining healthy kidneys. One research conducted in women showed that over thirteen years, people who ate bananas 2–3 times per week were thirty three times less seemingly to develop renal disorders. Other studies have found that people who eat bananas four to five times per week are nearly five hundred times less likely to develop kidney disease, in contrast to those who do not eat bananas.

5- Banana Benefits for Depression:

Bananas are useful in overpowering depression “due to high levels of tryptophane, that the body converts to 5-hydroxytryptamine, the mood-elevating brain neurochemical,” Flores has mentioned in a study.  Plus, B-complex vitamin will assist you in sleeping well, and magnesium helps in the relaxing of muscles. To boot, the tryptophane in bananas is granted for its sleep-inducing properties. It may also help treat insomnia.

6- Banana Benefits for the Skin Care:

Bananas are amazing natural moisturizers for the skin. The fat-soluble vitamin present in bananas restores the lost wetness and repairs broken, dull, and dry skin. To instantly moisten dry and unappealing skin; take a banana and mash it completely. Apply it on your face for about half an hour. Wash it off

with warm water but make sure it is not too hot. Having done this, you may instantly have soft and supple skin. If you have got exceptionally dry and flaky skin, you may add honey to the existing mask. This banana and honey mask conjointly helps in the obviations of skin pigmentation. The moisturizing qualities of bananas help keep the feet soft and supple. They prevent the cracking of heels or the layering of dead skin cells like corns to occur on the feet.  The nutrients present in bananas help keep the blood vessels calm and soothe. Hence there is less puffiness or swollenness beneath the eyes. With the help of melatonin and their own sleep inducing properties bananas can help you achieve a good night’s sleep which in turn helps maintain your skin’s radiance and freshness. Beauty sleep is highly essential for a healthy skin. Bananas also help keep acne at bay. Rubbing banana peels on the affected area which has acne or pimple for about five minutes approximately until the insides of the eel turns brownish and leaving it on the area for another 5-10 minutes and later washing off with lukewarm water produces a clear and naturally glowing skin.

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7- Banana Benefits for Hair Care:

The wonders of bananas don’t just end there. Bananas are equally as beneficial for the hair as they are for curing ailments and treating skin conditions. Bananas have acid in them which brings a shine to our hair.