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10 Amazing Benefits of Ginger for Healthy Life

There is nothing better than having a nice hot cup of ginger tea when you have a sore throat. The best part about this herb is that besides its enriching taste ginger provides innumerable benefits that we are not aware of. It is a very widely used ingredient in Indian and Asian cuisine. It has been used since 4000 years as a taste enhancing agent in the culinary world and was first used as a medicine 2000 years ago.

Ginger is a root with an irregular shape and it contains essential oils and phenolic compounds like gingerol which give it, its strong aroma and spicy taste. It can be used dry, as a pickle or in powder form. It is also being used in desserts and western cuisine like ginger ale, gingerbread and ginger cakes. Due to its pungent smell and pepper like the taste, this herb has acquired a decent place in our kitchens and in the medical world.
There is a variety of illnesses that ginger has a cure for. These may include.

Common Cold

Ginger helps to fight with common problems such as cold viruses, as it stops the viruses from entering human cells, it also kills bad bacteria, and it also is an antifungal which makes it a very good antimicrobial. It is also a commonly used household remedy for the cure of cold and flu. As it is very famous in Indian houses and is used in the form of tea to battle the common cold. It not only soothes the throat but leaves you in a good mood after a blocked nose and a sore throat has ruined it.

Respiratory Problems

respiratory problems
Taking a spoon of honey and ginger (in the form of juice) sets you free of the constant unwanted arrival of the cold and flu, followed by episodes of persistent coughing and sore throat. Ginger tea, also, does wonder in getting rid of the nose and throat congestion. It does so since it has antihistamine properties, it treats allergies effectively. It helps in the secretion of mucus, which stimulates cilia muscles in the throat and nose which prevent foreign particles or allergens to enter the body.


Various researches have concluded and somewhat proved ginger’s ability to cure few cancers which may include ovarian, prostate, breast and colon cancer. Researchers at Michigan University have found that ginger powder can kill ovarian cancer cells.

It can also treat prostate cancer by destroying cells that may cause cancer. Ginger, as has been stated above contains gingerol, a compound that is known to have anti-metastatic properties and can help cure breast cancer and ovarian cancer. It is believed by experts, ginger root is one of the most “inexpensive and effective ways of preventing the onset of cancer and improving the life quality as it eliminates toxic substances from the body.”

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Chemotherapy is a treatment that a cancer patient undergoes to minimize the reoccurrence of the cancer cells. Ginger has been highly effective in reducing nausea after the therapy. According to a lead researcher at the American Society of Clinical Oncology meeting at Florida, the chances of vomiting after being exposed to the radiations are reduced if the intake of ginger supplements takes place.

Cholesterol & Blood Pressure

Regarding cardiovascular diseases, ginger helps by preventing the arteries from hardening by reducing oxidative stress. It also improves the cholesterol and triglyceride profile which leads to the prevention of heart diseases. Moreover, It helps with diabetes by lowering the fasting blood sugar level. It also helps prevent from internal clotting of the blood.


indigestion is best cured by ginger. It cleanses your body and removes all waste and foreign material that could have caused harm. It also stimulates bile production in the gallbladder. Bile is highly essential in the process of digestion as it helps the stomach churn and dissolves the food. Therefore, the nutrients that we take in do not go un-absorbed. Ginger also provides relief against cramps and gastric problems and stops your stomach from bloating.

Besides helping in the treatment of major diseases and ailments like treating joint problems, toothaches, bronchitis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis. It also plays an active role in helping to keep your body and mind fit and in shape.

Weight Loss

If you feel there is a need to lose weight, ginger is your best bet! It not only helps in weight loss but makes you feel satiated after your meal even if you take it in smaller portions. It cuts down your fat and tones your body.

Essential Oils of Ginger

ginger oil
Ginger root is packed with essential oils such as zingerone, gingerol, farnesene, shogaol and β-phellandrene, citral and cineol. They act as a natural painkiller. They have antibacterial qualities. Essential oils present in ginger soothe and relax the nerves. Studies also reveal that gingerols are extremely effective in relieving a migraine headache.

Self Improvement

In this stressful era we all need a little time and space for self-improvement and with that comes self-empowerment. It is startling how ginger, a herb, provides you that. Research says that essential oils present in ginger work effectively on your negative points and boost your self-confidence. It removes the negative elements in your personality and restores your energy which helps you stay and think positive.

Skin Toner

skin toner
It can also be used as a natural skin toner due to its known antioxidant nature. Its stops the skin from aging and contributes to making your skin gleam and become more radiant.


since ginger is a powerful antiseptic and contains antibacterial properties, it cleanses and stimulates your skin, making it fresher. It is a natural exfoliator. It also halts the eruption of acne by killing acne-causing bacteria. If you are looking forward to clearer skin, ginger might be the safest and most natural option.